If you have gone to a restaurant like ours, we are quite sure that you already have your assumptions and expectations. And we do not want you to expect anything less. Our restaurant thrives from being best Brazilian restaurant in all of the Netherlands. When you are on your Amsterdam holiday or Amsterdam city trip, we recommend that you go and visit our restaurant.

Increase your expectations

We do not want you to limit your assumptions about us. We want to satisfy your every craving and provide contentment in your every foodie desire. We want you to expect the best because we want to give you the best. If you are not satisfied, we will go to great lengths just to turn your discontent to satisfaction.

Authentic Brazilian dish

Those who are looking for a genuine Brazilian dish will have their cravings satisfied in our restaurant. Our restaurant is owned by a Brazilian who migrated here in the Netherlands in the 1980s. Now, his family manages our restaurant. Even if he is retired, he still casually visits the restaurant with the same vision and love for the Brazilian food. His desire to provide good food is still the main reason why he talks to the people and the tourists who dine in our restaurant.

You can take a look at our menu and see the authenticity of our dishes here. You will taste the finest and freshly harvested ingredients from our trusted partners. If not harvested, the rest of our ingredients are made from scratch. The recipes that we use originally come from Brazil. From his mother to his grandson, the recipes are being handed down with the intent of making other people taste the true delicacies and dishes from Brazil. Take a bite of our dishes and satisfy your hunger for Brazilian food in our restaurant.