Brazilian Dishes That You Should Try Out

If you happen to be on an Amsterdam holiday and you are going for an Amsterdam city trip, we would suggest that you have a go and visit our Brazilian restaurant in Eindhoven, Netherlands. We are offering authentic Brazilian cuisine to our guests. We just recommend that you make reservations days in advance to secure your table in our restaurant. More and more of our guests find it difficult to make walk-ins because of the number of customers that we have each day. Please refer to our schedule for the opening and closing hour for our restaurant.

Farofabacon and beans

If you love bacon, you are definitely going to love farofa. It is bacon that is wrapped with tapioca flour. This farofa is a very salty and mushy dish. It is served with beans and rice so that the smokiness is absorbed. The variation for this kind of dish depends on the herbs and spices that are used on the bacon. If you will taste the farofa in our restaurant, you will recognize that the herbs that we use here are the same as the ones used in Brazil. You can eat farofa as the main dish or you can use this as a side dish to picanha.


Picanha is very popular in our restaurant. It may be the simplicity of the dish or the authenticity of the taste that make picanha a fan favorite for most of our customers. Picanha is a barbecue that is seasoned with salt. The part of the meat used for this dish is the top part of the sirloin steak. Brazilian barbecue is the specialty of the country. You will find lots of variations for the picanha but the taste appears to be quite similar.



Those who love beans and pork will like this next dish. Its name is feijoada. It is a stew that is a combination of pork and beans. This dish is very popular in Brazil because of the availability of the ingredients throughout the country. This is a slow-cooked meal which can last up to 24 hours. Most people would rather have a taste of it in restaurants instead of cooking it for themselves in their houses.